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Washington Lightning Toll Rises to 3; Experts See Climate Warning

Scientists say that climate change is increasing the likelihood of lightning strikes across the United States, after lightning struck at a square near the White House, leaving three people dead and one more in critical condition.The hot, humid conditio…

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Malaysian official touts Kuwait as important oil partner

  Secretary-General of the Malaysian Foreign Ministry Amran Mohammad said Friday Kuwait is an important partner in the sector of oil explorations, urging closer investment relations between both countries. The …

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Russian official commends ties with Kuwait

— Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister and presidential envoy to the Middle East and North Africa Mikhail Bogdanov praised on Thursday the development of bilateral relations with Kuwait.Kuwait was the first country in the Arabian Gulf region to establish …

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State of Kuwait marks 61st independence anniversary Sun.

KUWAIT, 1961 has always been engraved in hearts and minds of the Kuwaiti people. It was the day the State of Kuwait announced its independence and sovereignty as an Arab nation.The historic day marked the beginning of modern Kuwait. It was the day whe…

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Oil Min. underlines need for coordination among producers

– Kuwait’s Deputy Prime Minister, Oil Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Dr. Mohammad Al-Faris underscored on Wednesday the need for cooperation and coordination among all producers to face any challenges or impacts on the supply of oil…

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Kuwait’s MoI cautions against unstable weather

Ministry of Interior, on Thursday, called on drivers and sea-goers to exercise caution due to unstable weather, in addition to the warnings of the Meteorological Department of the possibility of …