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Second round of presidential election starts in Ukraine

MOSCOW, Ukrainians are heading to the polls on Sunday to vote in the second round of the presidential elections.Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky, who was nominated by the Servant of the People Party, and incumbent President Petro Poroshenko will compete in …

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Turkish ruling party files new petition to cancel Istanbul polls

ANKARA, The Justice and Development (AK) Party submitted a new petition for the country’s High Election Board to cancel the results of the last month local elections in Istanbul.The new petition, includes a list of 14,712 non-eligible voters who cast t…

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Sudanese delegation to US to discuss terrorist list – military chief

KHARTOUM, Chairman of Sudan’s Military Council Abdulfattah Al-Burhan said Sunday a delegation would visit the US soon to discuss lifting Khartoum’s name from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.The delegation has been formed and will trave to Wa…

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Kuwait strongly condemns terrorist blasts in Sri Lanka

KUWAIT, Kuwait has strongly condemned the terrorist explosions that targeted churches and hotels in Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo and other areas, and led to death and injury of hundreds of victims.Kuwait reiterates its firm and principle stand against v…

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Arab FMs reaffirm Arab peace initiative basis for Mideast peace

CAIRO, Arab Foreign Ministers said Sunday they would not accept any plan or agreement contradicting with the 2002 Arab peace initiative, which was based on international law, UN resolutions and land-for-peace principle.The top diplomats said any agreem…

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Decision for Trump impeachment “very difficult” – House Intel Cmte chair

WASHINGTON, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said Sunday that the decision to impeach President Donald Trump is a “very difficult decision.” In an interview on Fox network, Schiff said “I think it’s a very difficult decision and we’re …