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‫المنصة السحابية تتصدر النمو في جينيسيس 2018

وتتجاوز منصة Avaya: أكثر من 700 من عملائك يختارون جينيسيس لسرعة الابتكار ونتائج الأعمال الأسرع الرياض، المملكةالعربيةالسعودية، 20 آذار/مارس، 2019  / بي آر نيوزواير / — أعلنت شركة جينيسيس® (، الشركة الرائدة عالميًا في تجارب العملاء متعددةالقنوات وحلول مراكز الاتصال، أن مبيعاتها من الخدماتالسحابة قد ارتفعت بنسبة 32% عام يلو الآخر.وقد امتدنمو الأعمال السحابية إلى […]

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Federal Reserve keeps interest rate unchanged

NEW YORK, The US Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee has maintained the interest rate steady at 2.25-2.5 percent.”The committee seeks to foster maximum employment and price stability. In support of these goals, the committee decided to main…

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Jordan’s King: Jerusalem “red line”

AMMAN, Jordanian King Abdullah II said on Wednesday that Jordan has a historical duty to Jerusalem City and its sanctities, adding that the City for him is a “red line”.This came in a statement by Jordan’s Royal Court during a meeting of King Abdullah …

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Al-Zayani: GCC hopes free trade pact with EU would see light soon

KUWAIT, Gulf Cooperation Council Abdullatif Al-Zayani has stated that the GCC countries were eager to finalize free trade agreement with the EU soon to boost trade exchange.”In 1990, negotiations for a free trade agreement was launched and all articles…

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EU leaders to discuss Brexit, ties with China

BRUSSELS, The focus of the European Union leaders summit will be Brexit, as well as global issues like relations with Chin and and the situation in Ukraine during their meeting here on Thursday and Firday.”China is a key global player in all these issu…

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Israeli settlers kills two Palestinians in Nablus

RAM ALLAH, two Palestinians were shot dead by the Israeli forces in Nablus city Northern West Bank, the Palestinian Health Ministry said Wednesday.In a statement, the ministry said Raed Hamdan, 21yrs, and Zaid Nouri, 22yrs, were shot late Tuesday in th…