Abul Gheit: “we are rapidly looking into transition arrangements”

KHARTOUM, Arab League Secretary-General Ahmad Abul Gheit on Sunday expressed his hope in a rapid agreement between the Sudanese parties on the transitional arrangements.

A statement by Abul Gheit came after meeting the President of Sudan’s Transnational Military Council Abdulfattah Burhan, and said the Arab League was keen on stability and security in Sudan, and reaching consensus between the Council and opposition, said Sudan’s news agency (SUNA).

He added, “We look forward to reach a consensus that guarantees a stable government and fulfills the desire of the Sudanese.” Abul Gheit arrived in Khartoum earlier today to discuss the current political developments in Sudan and meet with the Sudanese parties.

On April 11, the military removed Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir at the culmination of popular protests which had been ongoing for months. The army formed a transitional military council to run the country, and engaged in talks with Freedom and Change Declaration on a power transition.

However, the two sides are still at odds over the details of the transition.

Bashir appeared in court in Khartoum earlier today on charges of corruption.

Charges against Al-Bashir include possessing foreign funds, acquiring suspected and illegal wealth and ordering the state of emergency.

Source: Kuwait News Agency