Adnan Darjal: A reform revolution is coming in Iraqi football

The President of the Iraqi Football Federation, Adnan Darjal, said: ‘We are heading towards a reform revolution in Iraqi football.’

The Federation stated in a statement, ‘Today Darjal held a meeting at the Federation’s headquarters with the Referees Committee and the Referees and Evaluators Department, in the presence of the Federation’s Secretary-General, to discuss many matters related to arbitration, and to seek to advance the reality of arbitration to wide ranges, and to develop the referees’ capabilities in a way that contributes to leading matches to safety.”

The statement quoted Darjal as saying: ‘The Federation has held many development courses for referees, in addition to providing VAR video technology, the catalyst for successfully and superiorly completing the refereeing task in every match, which was used for the first time this season in the current season in the Iraq Stars League, aiming for refereeing to be one of the most important pillars of success for our football, and this requires every
one to develop, cooperate and join forces to achieve the desired goals.’

He added: ‘We are heading toward a reform revolution in football by rehabilitating stadiums in a modern way and making them compete with developed countries, because they are one of the most prominent features of football development.’

Source: National Iraqi News Agency