Afghan Presidential election campaign period ends

ISLAMABAD, The two-month electoral campaign time period for the Presidential elections in Afghanistan ends with several complaints of violations by the candidates on Thursday, said Afghan Independent Election Commission (IEC).

Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) said it has received 94 complaints during its working period and legal action would be taken against candidates if campaigned in the silence period.

The campaign period for Saturday?’s presidential election that began across the country on July 28 came to a close last night at 12pm after two months. IECC commissioner Sayed Qutbuddin Roidar in a press conference said that since the beginning of their work, they received 94 complaints against presidential candidates and the complaints were being addressed.

He said “The complaints are about misuse of authority, government officials taking part in electioneering and insulting each other.” All the complaints had been addressed and sent with suggestions and warning letters to the violators, he added.

IEC spokesman Mohammad Qasam Ilyasi urged all presidential candidates to collect their electoral posts as early as possible and warned of legal action over law violations during the silence period.

He said they were fully prepared to hold the next week?’s election. IECC had hired one employee for each polling station to register complaints and better monitor and facilitate voters.

The fourth presidential elections of the country came weeks after a series of talks between the United States and Taliban rebels were called off by U.S President Donald Trump following deaths of at least 14 Afghan civilians and a US soldier in an attack by Taliban.

The Taliban have already issued a warning to civilians to stay away from the polling centers. The United Nations has urged all stakeholders to play their part in creating conditions for citizens to vote in safety and for the credibility of the electoral process to be safeguarded.

Source: Kuwait News Agency