Algeria archives names of presidential race candidates

ALGIERS, Algeria’s Constitutional Council announced that files of 21 candidates for the postponed presidential elections have been saved in its Secretariat General’s archive.

The eligibility criteria of candidacy for the presidential elections, that were supposed to take place on April 18, have become useless in accordance with presidential decree issued on March 11, the Council said in a statement.

President Abdulaziz Bouteflika put off the presidential elections beyond April 18 on Monday and dropped his candidacy for a fifth term in office that provoked mass protests over the last weeks.

In a message to the nation, he announced a package of reforms, including a cabinet reshuffle that would take place soon and a national independent conference to regulate the presidential polls under supervision of the independent national election commission.

Bouteflika, who recently returned to Algeria from a medical trip in Switzerland, affirmed his decision to postpone the elections came in response to the pressing demands of the protesters who were worried about the transition of power and their national unity.

Source: Kuwait News Agency