Algerians demonstrate for 48th consecutive week

ALGIERS, Algerians continued peaceful protests in the capital Algiers and many provinces Friday in which they demanded release of detainees and prisoners and called for downfall of the regime, along with its “symbols.” Thousands of Algerians participated in a huge march in central Algiers for the 48th week in a row, as they came from different neighborhoods in separate rallies before everyone met at Central Post Square and Maurice Audin Square.

The protesters raised national flags and banners with slogans, confirming their commitment to continue organizing peaceful marches until the change.

They also urged Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune to continue releasing detainees of the movement.

Meanwhile, many police forces went to the area of the marches and closed all ports leading to the main streets, in order to secure demonstrators.

Tebboune pledged, after taking the constitutional oath, to ensure the concerns of the Algerians and have a transparent dialogue, in which everyone can participate.

Many detainees of the movement, similar to the well-known activist Lakhdar Bouregaa and the retired Brigadier General Hussein bin Hadid, have been released, in which the movement has been continuing since last February 22nd.

Source: Kuwait News Agency