President of the Republic Michel Aoun stressed Saturday on the “excellent Lebanese-Kuwaiti brotherly ties”, pointing to the ongoing effort to improve said relations that was evident in his cordial visit to Kuwait.

“We shared common opinions and perspectives over various hour issues, a similarity of views reflecting conviction and not a mere compliment,” Aoun asserted, speaking in an interview to the Kuwaiti Television on the sidelines of his visit to Kuwait.

The President commended the remarkable attributes of Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Subbah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Subbah, praising his humanitarian achievements which are “worthy of a Nobel Prize for peace, especially in his efforts to purify the Arab climates.”

President Aoun outlined some of the achievements made during the first year of his term, especially concerning stability and security, the adoption of the oil extraction decree and a new vote law for the upcoming legislative elections in May 2018.

He revealed that the main concern today is the economic situation which has been affected by the three successive crises, namely the international recession, the closure of roads between Lebanon and Arab countries and the massive Syrian displacement.

The President called on Lebanese expatriates to “remain faithful and show gratitude to Kuwait for embracing them with employment opportunities.”

On his visit to Kuwait and his official talks, the President described the meetings as “open and touching on many issues.”

“The visit was cordial and we discussed all regional issues, and our views were identical especially regarding terrorism, against which we share the same approach,” Aoun added.

“As Kuwaitis and Lebanese, we call for peace and tolerance among all humans,” he noted.

“There is a potential for strengthening cooperation in many fields between our two countries, including the cultural and educational sectors, in addition to trade, economic, development and other fields, which would further boost our bilateral relations,” Aoun underscored.

Source: National News Agency