Arab human rights cmte chief slams “double standards” amid Gaza violence

CAIRO, The chief of a pan-Arab human rights committee condemned on Tuesday what he called the “double standards” of the international community in dealing with the worsening humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.

The international human rights system has been “shaken to its core” at the double standards of the international community given the “mass genocide” unfolding in the Palestinian enclave of Gaza, which includes impediments to aid delivery for the Palestinians, Talal Al-Mutairi told pan-Arab human rights committee talks in the Egyptian capital.

The Kuwaiti diplomat castigated Israeli occupation forces for “persistent transgressions” that aim to alter the “demographic landscape” of the Palestinian enclave, while simultaneously lashing out at the United Nations for not recognizing a Palestinian state through membership.

Given the existential conditions, Arab nations are left with no choice but to “work hand in hand,” citing Bahrain and Egypt as countries whose human rights systems are tantamount to success stories given the institutionalized reforms seen in Manama and Cairo.

Some two decades after the Arab human rights charter, which has been approved by some 18 countries, was introduced, the Kuwaiti diplomat hailed it as a testament to the region’s “unwavering commitment” to the principle of human rights, which represents a pillar of democracy and stability, he underlined.

Source: Kuwait News Agency