Arab initiative only option for peace Palestine FM

CAIRO Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Al Maleki said Saturday the Arab peace initiative, adopted in Beirut summit of 2002, is the Arabs’ only option for relaunching the Middle East peace process.

“Any Israeli leader should be aware of this strategic option,” he said following the extraordinary meeting of the Arab League Council on the so called “deal of the century,” proposed by US President Donald J. Trump on Tuesday.

Al Maliki made the comments a joint press conference with Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohammad Al Hakim the chair of the ministerial meeting, and the League’s Secretary General Ahmad Abul Gheit.

Welcoming the resolution adopted by the meeting, Al Maleki said, “We’ve got what we wanted.” “The outcomes of the meeting lay the groundworks for a wider action with the friendly countries,” he said, noting that the Islamic and European countries were watching in wait for the Arabs’ stand on the US plan. “The Palestinian side is satisfied with todays’ resolution which rejected the US plan and renewed support to the Palestinian’s next moves,” Al Maleki said, referring to the coming meetings by the Organizations of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) due on Monday, the African Union (AU), the European Union (EU) and the Non Aligned Movement (NAM).

The UN Security Council is also scheduled to convene on February 11 to discuss the US plan, he added.

On his part, Abul Gheit affirmed that that participants at today’s meeting have unanimously rejected the US plan on the grounds that it failed to meet the minimum demands of the Arab side.

He hailed the resolution as “excellent” and today as “very good for the Palestine cause.” “The unanimous resolution of the Arab League Council drew the world’s attention to the Palestinians’ stand,” the League chief added. (pickup previous)

Source: Kuwait News Agency