Arab League applauds 30-day Syria truce

The Arab League on Sunday applauded the UN Security Council Resolution 2401 on a 30-day truce in Syria and urged warring parties to implement it immediately and allow entry of humanitarian aid into besieged regions.

Arab League Secretary General Ahmad Abul-Gheit, in a statement, lauded intensive diplomatic efforts, exerted by the State of Kuwait, current Chairman of the UNSG and the Arab member in the international body, drafting and endorsing the resolution, intended to allow dispatch of much-needed relief supplies to the civilians in the besieged towns and regions.

Abul-Gheit expressed hope that the temporary cease-fire would be a step on the path of working out a full-scale and permanent truce in Syria as well as reaching a political settlement to the crisis.

He stressed the necessity of respecting and implementing resolutions by the international legitimacy, namely the UNSC.

Resolving the Syrian crisis is solely attainable through a full-scale political process under the UN aegis, he opined.

“Military solutions and excessive usage of force will only lead to further complications in the field situation as well as wasting chances of reaching a political settlement,” the Arab League chief added.

He urged the international community and humanitarian agencies to act rapidly and respond to the extremely dire humanitarian situation suffered by the Syrians in besieged areas — particularly populace of East Ghouta, located on outskirts of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

Source: Kuwait News Agency