Arab League blasts Houthi drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities

CAIRO, The Arab League strongly condemned the drone attacks launched Saturday morning by Yemeni Houthi militias on two oil facilities belonging to Aramco, of Saudi Arabia.

The attacks constitute a serious escalation by the Houthis and the terror sponsors, the League said in a press release, referring to Iran.

“The fact that the Houthis claimed responsibility for such terrorist attacks signal that this group is a stooge of Iran and its decisions are fully controlled by Tehran,” according to the statement.

“These acts reflect the nature of such terrorist organizations that have nothing to do with Yemen and its people; they rather implement agendas of hostile foreign forces.

The Arab foreign ministers reaffirmed, during their recent meeting, full support to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other GCC states in the face of security threats.

They adopted a resolution on the security of maritime corridors and energy resources. They denounced Iran’s interferences in the domestic affairs of the Arab countries and considered the Houthis attacks one of the manifestations of such interferences, the statement recalled.

“The League underscores full solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the face of such heinous aggressions and full support to any measures in might take to protect its oil facilities and national security,” it added.

Earlier today, the Saudi authorities said the drone attacks targeted Aramco’s largest oil processing plant in Abqaiq and Khurais oilfield, triggering fires at both sites.

Source: Kuwait News Agency