Arab League cancels Cooperation Memorandum with Guatemala

CAIRO, Arab League condemned Wednesday Guatemala’s step to relocate its embassy to the occupied Jerusalem announcing the suspension of cooperation on all political and economic levels.

Secretary General of the League of Arab States Ahmed Aboul Gheit announced the suspension and cancellation of cooperation Memorandum signed with the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Guatemala in 2013. According to a statement issued by the league, the Guatemalan side had been informed that this action is a clear and frank violation of the international consensus on the legal and historical status of occupied Jerusalem.

This represents flagrant violation of international law and United Nations relevant resolutions and came in a manner that threatens international peace and security and weakens the international system based on international law.

The statement stressed the Arab League’s call to all countries of the world not to take the step to move their embassies to the occupied Jerusalem.

Source: Kuwait News Agency