Arab League: Jerusalem is unforgettably a Palestinian issue

CAIRO, The Arab League Council affirmed on Thursday that Jerusalem is the main Palestinian issue and will remain unnegotiable.

Jerusalem will remain the heart of Palestine as their homeland, said Assistant Arab League Secretary General for Palestinian and occupied Arab lands affairs Saeed Abu-Ali, during an emergency meeting at the level of permanent delegates, discussing Brazilian decision to open a commercial office in Jerusalem.

This emergency session was to defend Jerusalem and confront the Israeli occupation measures, as well as following up the decisions of Arab summits and ministerial councils and level of permanent delegates to view Brazil’s move, he explained.

Abu-Ali considered that the Brazilian action was a condemnation and a qualitative shift in Brazil’s historical positions on Arab issues, especially the Palestinian issue.

Some of the official Brazilian positions and statements, as well as the completion of the step of opening the commercial office in Jerusalem, along with moving the Brazilian embassy to it, was a rejected step by the League.

He also pointed to the repercussions of the decision and its implications, the blatant bias of aggression and the destruction of peace opportunities, calling for the necessity of reversing and correcting this decision.

The Palestinian right to Jerusalem was the standard attitude of Arabs, which brings together the Arab and international principles, in accordance with the global resolutions related to Jerusalem and the Palestinian cause, he said.

Abu-Ali concluded the speech by expressing the challenges facing the Arab nation, admiring the steadfastness of Palestinians, valued Arab support in all its forms and broad international solidarity.

Source: Kuwait News Agency