Arab League says no to “deal of the century”

CAIRO The Arab League Council on Saturday vehemently rejected US proposed Middle East peace plan, dubbed “the deal of the century,” on the grounds that it violates the reference points of the peace process, the international law and UN resolutions.

At the conclusion of high level talks bringing together the foreign ministers of the League’s member states in the Egyptian capital, the Council urged in a resolution the US to “commit to a an enduring peace process backed by international law.” The resolution highlighted the “Palestinian cause” as the Arab region’s primary concern, saying US President Donald J. Trump’s proposal to solve the decades long Middle East conflict should not be considered, let alone materialize.

It cited the Arab peace initiative as the “bare minimum” in terms of an acceptable solution to the conflict, highlighting the two state solution based on the borders in place before the 1967 war, with East Jerusalem as the capital of an independent state of Palestine, as the only viable way out of the conflict.

It is imperative to cooperate with international peacemakers and global bodies over efforts to protect the rights of the Palestinian people, the resolution said, reiterating that any acceptable solution to the Middle East conflict should adhere to the Arab peace initiative and international laws.

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday suggested creating a Palestinian state as part of a Middle East peace plan dubbed the “deal of the century,” with strict conditions allowing Israel to maintain control over disputed West Bank settlements.

The plan drew ire from the wider Arab region, with the Palestinians deeming it as largely biased towards Israel. (pickup previous) ms.asm.nam

Source: Kuwait News Agency