Arab League stresses support for ending Houthis’ coup in Yemen

The Arab League’s permanent representatives have affirmed backing to the Yemeni legitimate government’s request, submitted to the Arab coalition so as to end the coup by Houthi militias and restore stability to all governorates, mainly Hudyahah port.

This came in a statement issued on Thursday at the end of the league’s emergency meeting upon Yemen’s request on the level of permanent representatives, under the chairmanship of the Sultanate of Oman.

The Council of Arab League stressed the necessity of preserving Yemen’s unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, the statement said.

The conferees reject any interference into the internal affairs of Yemen, and reiterated their support for constitutional legitimacy represented in President Abdrabbuh Hadi Mansour, in line with relevant resolutions by the Arab League and the UN Security Council.

The council proclaimed its support for the Yemeni government’s stance abiding by the three references namely the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanism, the outcomes of the comprehensive national dialogue and relevant international resolutions, it added.

The league urged all Yemeni political parties and powers to set aside differences in order to overcome challenges of the current critical period, it noted.

The conferees condemned all human rights violations practiced by “coup forces of Houthis”, and acts of murders, enforced disappearance and kidnapping as well as destroying homes and using hospitals and schools for military purposes, the statement pointed out.

The council called on Houthis to withdraw from Hudyahah city to ensure the entry of all humanitarian aid to Yemen.

Second secretary Saad Al-Hajri led the Kuwaiti delegation to the meeting.

Source: Kuwait News Agency