Arab League worried about so-called deal of century — Official

CAIRO, The Arab League expressed fears Friday over so-called “deal of the century,” because Arab countries felt this deal would not bring the Palestinians their own rights.

The debate about this issue compels the Palestinians to call for an urgent Arab Foreign Ministers’ meeting to inform them about the Palestinian position if this deal becomes public, Arab League Assistant Secretary General Hussam Zaki said in a press statement.

“Our feelings towards this issue is that it will not consider the Palestinian right, and the matter as it stands is not assuring at all. What is being circulated is biased for the Israeli side at the expense of the Palestinian rights, and is difficult to accept by the Arabs,” he added.

Zaki said a meeting of foreign ministers was important to discuss how the Arabs would deal with this issue. “The upcoming urgent meeting will show how solid the Arab position is against this forthcoming challenge,” he added.

He meanwhile said there was an Arab financial support for the Palestinians, but the situation was getting worse because the US ceased all support coupled with Israeli punitive financial measures against the Palestinians.

“This will cause rapid collapse of the Palestinian Authority,” he said, and hoped there would be “a sustainable Arab financial mechanism for the Palestinians as a whole not only the Palestinian Authority.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency