Arab parliament union’s meeting kicks off in Algiers

The 34th session of Executive Committee of Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union kicked of on Saturday in Algeria, headed by the President of the Union and the President of the Algerian National People’s Assembly, Ibrahim Boughali.

The Committee, which meets on the eve of the 36th Conference of the Union tomorrow, Sunday, will study the report of the Secretary-General of the Union on the implementation of the decisions of its previous conference, AND the activities of the General Secretariat of the Union since the 33rd session of the Executive Committee was held.

During the meeting, the time and place of the 35th session of the Union’s Executive Committee will be determined, in addition to setting a draft agenda for the 36th conference.

Before the start of the 36th Conference of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union, the heads of parliaments and councils and the heads of participating delegations will hold a consultative meeting.

The Committee meeting will discuss the Palestinian issue and the genocidal war that th
e Palestinian people are exposed to, especially in the Gaza Strip since the seventh of last October.

Source: Kuwait News Agency