Asian Triathlon Meetings Conclude at Congressional Conference

Riyadh: The Asian Triathlon (AST) Congress took place today in Riyadh, with all 38 member federations in attendance. In his keynote speech, the President of the Asian Triathlon Confederation, Prince Fahd bin Jalawi bin Abdulaziz bin Musaed, affirmed the Confederation’s dedication to developing the sport of triathlon across Asia. He called on members to put in more effort to increase the number of events in Asia and improve their quality to ensure that every athlete feels the importance and enjoyment of triathlon.

The President of the International Triathlon Union, Marisol Casado, was the guest of honor at the conference. She described the performance of the Asian Confederation and its president as commendable and focused on the rapid improvement and development of the sport of triathlon. She stressed her ongoing support to provide the necessary assistance from the International Triathlon Union.

During the Congress, all AST committees and commissions had the opportunity to provide detailed updates to members
, and the 2024/2025 calendar and development plan were approved. The first high-performance camp will be organized in Malaysia in July 2024 in cooperation with the Olympic Council of Asia.

Source: Saudi Press Agency