Baghdad to offer investments in Iraq rebuilding conf. in Kuwait – official

BAGHDAD, The Iraqi government on Monday revealed that it intends to offer big investment opportunities at Iraq reconstruction conference to be hosted by Kuwait on February 12-14.

In a statement, Secretary General of the Iraqi Council of Ministers Mahdi Al-Allaq said that the conference gives also priorities to the promotion of major investments in all Iraqi provinces within the framework of reconstruction.

Such investment chances are expected to contribute to preparing atmospheres for the return of displaced people and to supporting projects of national reconciliation in some liberated areas, Al-Allaq, also head of the Iraqi team tasked with the preparations for the conference, added.

He and head of the reconstruction fund of the affected areas have recently visited Kuwait, and discussed, with the Kuwaiti officials, some matters related to the number of participants and invitations, as well as participation of various local and international bodies, he indicated.

The visit also dealt with the preparations for the investment exhibition, and lists of the private sector and companies prepared by the national investment authority and the World Bank, he pointed out.

Meanwhile, Al-Allaq said in another statement that the Iraqi government expressed its hope that the UN would exert big efforts to back the conference.

Al-Allaq made the statement during a meeting with the United Nations special envoy for Iraq Jan Kubic.

Iraq is looking forward to further support by the UN regarding the reconstruction of the liberated areas, the statement quoted Al-Allaq as saying.

For his par, Kubic affirmed the UN’s support for Iraq and efforts to secure necessary humanitarian response to displaced people, and help the remaining displaced families return to the liberated areas.

Kuwait is set to host the conference on February 12-14, with an expected big participation by several countries and international organizations.

Source: Kuwait News Agency