BEIJING Chinese Health authorities said on Sunday that 56 people were dead, and 1,985 others infected with coronavirus, including 234 cases in critical conditions. In a statement, the National health committee confirmed that 688 new cases were registered during the past 24 hours, while 1,309 others were suspected of infection, and 15 people were dead of illness. By the end of Saturday, an outbreak of corona had resulted in 56 deaths, while 49 people had recovered, while 2,684 patients were still suspected of having the virus, the statement added. The committee clarified that it tracked 23,431 people who have direct contact with the infected people, 21,556 are subject to medical observation, while 325 have left the hospitals. Other 10 cases were registered in key Chinese cities, with five cases in Hong Kong, two in Macao, and three others in Taiwan. For his part, Director of the National Health Committee Ma Xiao Wei said in a press conference that China would send 12 additional teams including more than 1,600 medical personnel to areas severely affected by the spread of the new Corona virus in Hubei Province, the epidemic outbreak center. Authorities are urgently coordinating the supplies needed to control and prevent disease in infected areas, he added. In the same conference, Chinese health officials described the situation as “complicated,” stressing the possibility of stopping the spread of the new (Corona) virus if the current measures are implemented effectively. Officials from the National Health Committee said that China is communicating with the World Health Organization and exchanging the latest information about the virus and its developments to help assess public health risks. “The new coronavirus is now the most important task for the country,” they said. For his part, head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention Xu Wen Bo said in a press statement that the center is developing a vaccines against the “new corona” virus and is working to isolate the virus and determine its strain. Source: Kuwait News Agency

BEIRUT Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hassan confirmed Sunday that his country have taken all precautionary procedures to prevent coronavirus infections.

During an a visit to Rafiq Hariri International Airport early this morning, the Minister said that the measures taken in the Far Eastern countries and the lack of direct flight to Beirut helped prevented any infection with the virus in Lebanon.

He reassured that the situation is under control and there is no need for panic, pointing out that there is no information of any Lebanese people in China infected with the Coronavirus.

The medical team at the airport is ready to receive passengers arriving from infected countries, who are required to fill out forms to collect accurate information about them.

He said that Rafiq Al-Hariri University Hospital is fully equipped and ready to deal with any case in Lebanon, as the patient will be isolated and provided with the necessary treatment.

Source: Kuwait News Agency