Belgium, Netherlands condemn Turkish offensive

BRUSSELS, Belgium and the Netherlands have condemned the Turkish offensive in northeastern Syria on Thursday.

“Unilateral action does not help and no-one is served by the possible terrible humanitarian consequences,” Dutch foreign minister Stef Blok was quoted to local media.

“The operation may lead to the creation of new refugee streams and damage the fight against ISIS as well as stability in the region,” he said and summoned the Turkish ambassador to make the Dutch position plain.

On his part, Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense Didier Reynders condemned the Turkish military operation in Northeast Syria and called on Turkey to call off the operation immediately.

In a statement Wednesday night, Reynders reiterated that the conflict in Syria cannot be resolved by military means.

“The Turkish military intervention now threatens to disrupt the fragile political process and may further jeopardize regional stability,” he warned.

Source: Kuwait News Agency