Blood donation mirrors great human value – Kuwait Health Min.

– Kuwaiti Minister of Health Dr. Ahmad Al-Awadhi said on Tuesday that blood donation is regarded as a great and noble human value that reflects altruism and self-abnegation.

The minister made the remark while launching the country’s annual blood donation campaign for the successive sixth year at the Central Blood Bank.

The Ministry of Health has always been eager to back all national services pertinent to blood transfusion, to raise public awareness of the need for blood donation, and to launch donation campaigns year-round, the ministry boasted.

“Today’s celebration of the annual blood donation campaign coincides with our darling country’s national festivals under the slogan: ‘My Blood for Kuwait”. Here, we have to appreciate and commend those who have donated their blood to save many lives,” he remarked.

The minister urged citizens and residents alike to donate blood in order to ensure a successful blood donation campaign this year.

For her part, the ministry’s blood transfusion service chief, Dr. Reem Al-Radhwan underlined that Kuwaiti citizens and residents are invited to donate blood just for the love of Kuwait.

Speaking to KUNA, she said this year’s initiative is chiefly meant to disseminate the concept of giving and benevolence, stressing that blood donation is deemed a human and national duty for everyone.

Source: Kuwait News Agency