Brazil, Peru battle for Copa America title today

KUWAIT, Football fans are eagerly awaiting the Copa America’s final match between Brazil and Peru in the Brazilian capital Rio De Janeiro on Sunday.

Brazil, who seeks to win its ninth title in the competition in Maracana Stadium, had come first in the first group with seven points. The team then eliminated Paraguay by penalties in the tie of eight and defeated Argentina 2-0 in the semifinals.

Peru on the other hand came in third in the first group with four points. The team won with penalties against Uruguay in the tie of eight and defeated Chile 3-0 in the semifinals.

Brazil had won the competition’s titles in 1919, 1922, 1949, 1989, 1997, 1999, 2004 and 2007. Pere won two titles in 1939 and 1975.

Copa America includes ten teams from South America and two other teams who get invited every edition. This year’s teams were Japan and Qatar.

Copa America is the oldest continental tournament for national teams since 1916. Uruguay has 15 titles, which is the highest, followed by Argentina with 14.

Source: Kuwait News Agency