Britain plans to spend extra two billion pounds on no-deal Brexit

LONDON, The British government is setting aside an additional sum of two billion pounds (USD 2.4 billion) as it readies for the prospect of leaving the European Union (EU) without a divorce deal.

The additional Brexit funds ensure that Britain is fully prepared to leave the single-currency bloc no later than October 31, regardless of whether a deal is reached or not, said Treasury chief Sajid Javid.

Elsewhere on Wednesday, a Scottish court ruled that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s planned move to suspend parliament shortly before Brexit is lawful.

The matter is a political issue and should be left to the discretion of parliament and the electorate, according to Judge Raymond Doherty, who told Scotland’s Court of Session that “parliament is the master of its own proceedings, rules and privileges.” British lawmakers will vote Wednesday on whether to allow a debate on a bill that would block a no-deal Brexit, leaving Johnson with no choice but to ask MPs to support plans for snap elections after he lost his first Common vote as prime minister a day earlier.

Source: Kuwait News Agency