British PM, Saudi Crown Prince hold comprehensive talks

British Prime Minister Theresa May and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman have weighed in on a wide array of matters including the ongoings in Yemen and Iran, in addition to stability in the global oil market.

May had spoken to the Saudi Crown Prince, who is also the Kingdom’s deputy prime minister and defense minister, via telephone a day earlier, her spokesperson said in a statement on Sunday.

On Yemen, both officials concurred that a political solution is the only way out of the protracted conflict in the war-torn nation, while they emphasized the need to allow Yemenis urgent access to humanitarian aid.

Meanwhile, the British Prime Minister assured the Saudi official that her country backs all measures taken by the Gulf state to uphold its security, the spokesperson pointed out.

Fresh off the heels of Prince Mohammad Bin Salman’s visit to Britain last March, their talks also ran the gamut from education and healthcare to the Kingdom’s development plans.

Source: Kuwait News Agency