By-elections adds to success of Kuwaiti democracy – academics, voters

KUWAIT, The upcoming 12th by-elections for the second and third constituencies will add to Kuwaiti democracy, said academics and voters said Wednesday.

In separate statements, academics and a number of voters alike expressed their joy over the upcoming democratic process, which might not garner as much momentum as seen in the general parliamentary elections; however, candidates will be eagerly vying for a seat at the National Assembly.

Political researcher Dr. Saleh Al-Saeedi indicated that the by-elections might have gained more attention if some heavy weight candidates partook in it.

In the past seven years, the second and third constituencies had witnessed six and seven by-elections respectively, which probably might affect voters interest, said the academic who still hoped that some fresh faces would reach the Abdullah Al-Salem Hall.

On her part, Professor of media at Kuwait University Dr. Fatima Al-Salem said that the coming by-election seem to have no big media traction when compared with the general election.

She revealed that each constituency will have one seat to offer and many competing candidates; therefore, the outcome would hard to predict.

Meanwhile, second constituency voter Salem Mubarak said that the turnout might not be as expected due to a number of reasons connected with the short preparation time; however, those who have not won in the general election have a much better chance to with the by-election.

Sharing his statements, third constituency voter Meshari Abdullah pointed out that the pressure will be on the candidates to convince people to vote for them and this will be very hard seeing the exceptional circumstances of the by-elections.

He called on youth voters to choose representatives from their peers so that they would have a voice at parliament.

Source: Kuwait News Agency