Cabinet suspends direct commercial flights with India

— The cabinet decided on Friday to suspend all direct commercial flights with India, until further notice, and due to the current health condition in the republic.

The Government Communication Center account on (Twitter) stated that the decision thus stipulates a “ban of entry to Indian nationals to the country, namely those that are coming from the Republic, whether coming directly or through other countries, unless they reside outside of the Republic for at least 14 days, and until further notice.” The decision came after India announced yesterday, Thursday, that it had detected 314,835 new confirmed cases and 2,104 deaths from Covid-19 virus, thus registering a new daily record for the pandemic.

The decision also comes due to challenges facing the health sector there, and due to a shortage in oxygen supplies and vaccines.

Meanwhile, local authorities imposed complete shutdown in the capital New Delhi for six days to limit the spread of the virus.

Source: Kuwait News Agency