Catalonia leader forms new gov’t in bid to end tussle with Spain

MADRID Catalonia president Quim Torra on Tuesday reshuffled his cabinet, replacing four ministers at odds with the central Spanish government, in an attempt to overcome the region’s state of political deadlock.

The new cabinet includes 13 ministers, four of whom replaced two jailed ministers and another two currently in exile after Madrid rejected their appointment, Torra told a press conference.

The move comes a day after Madrid voiced it disapproval over the former draft cabinet, proposed by the region on May 19, mentioning in a letter it would not be publishing the names of those ministers in its official gazette.

Torra was backed as the leader of the region’s government, which earlier announced its self-declared independence from Spain, and has said he would be maintaining his predecessor’s plans for the region’s independence as a republic.

He replaced Carles Puigdemont, who is currently in exile in Belgium escaping arrest by Madrid authorities after being accused of leading a rebellion in his approval of the region’s illegal referendum for secession from Spain.

Source: Kuwait News Agency