China: 564 deaths, 28,060 confirmed cases by coronavirus

KUWAIT Chinese authorities announced Thursday 564 deaths and 28,060 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in 31 cities and provinces in China.

In its daily report, the Chinese National Health Committee said that 3,697 new confirmed cases and 73 new deaths have been recorded, 70 of them were in Hubei province, one case was recorded in Tianjin, another in Heilongjiang and a similar case was recorded in Guizhou.

It added that 5,328 cases of suspected coronavirus were registered, and 640 patients suffered setbacks while 3,849 were in critical conditions, Moreover, 1,153 patients recovered and were discahrged from hospitals.

The commission is following up on health condition of 282,813 persons who had physical contact with patients, among them 21,365 persons relieved of medical supervision, while 186,354 cases remained under medical examination.

Hong Kong registered 21 confirmed infected cases of coronavirus until yesterday where one case have died, ten cases were registered in Macau and 11 in Taiwan.

Source: Kuwait News Agency