China decries EP resolution condemning “Muslims’ repression”

BEIJING, China on Friday rejected a resolution by the European Parliament (EP) regarding Muslims’ plight in the northwestern region of Xinjiang.

A spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said at a news conference that Beijing objected to the resolution because “it opposed foreign intervention in its domestic affairs particularly the status in the self-administered region.” He was alluding to the EP resolution, declared on Thursday, voicing serious concern about “repression of the (Muslim) Uyghurs” and calling on the Chinese Government to close down “re-education camps” in the region.

The spokesman called on the EP to abstain from adopting double standards on combating terrorism and rhetoric that would strain European-Chinese relations.

“Issues related to Xingjiang are not related to human rights, race or religion,” the spokesman said, adding that “they are linked to combating violence and terrorism and separatism,” accusing Muslims in the region of advocating independence.

The EP resolution has stated that Uyghurs and other primarily Muslim ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang province are subject to arbitrary detention, torture, egregious restrictions on religious practice and extensive digitized surveillance.

Source: Kuwait News Agency