China: National death tally from coronavirus rises to 812

KUWAIT The death tally from the coronavirus had risen to 812 people in China with 37,251 cases of infection recorded across 31 regions, said the National Health Commission (NHC) Sunday.

There are 2,656 new reported cases of the coronavirus with 89 new confirmed deaths, 81 alone in the center of the outbreak in Hubei province, said the commission.

It added that there were 3,916 newly suspected cases of the coronavirus with some 87 patients in critical state.

The NHC indicated that 2,649 cases were discharged from hospitals, saying that around 371,905 people encountering those infected were being monitored with 31,124 people cleared while 188,183 remained under observation.

In Hong Kong, there were 26 individuals confirmed to be infected until Saturday with one death, while 10 cases were confirmed in Macau and 17 in Taiwan.

Recently in statement, the US embassy in Beijing confirmed that a 60 year old citizen had died from the coronavirus in Wuhan, the first foreign expatriate case.

According to official Chinese statistics, there are 19 foreigners infected by the disease.

The Chinese authorities had approved measures to obtain machines, usually used in pneumonia detection, said to be able to determine whether a person is infected by virus.

Source: Kuwait News Agency