China’s recent escalation in South China Sea “disturbing” – WH

WASHINGTON, US National Security Advisor John Bolton said Tuesday that China’s recent escalation of efforts “to intimidate others out of developing resources in the South China Sea is disturbing.” “The United States stands firmly with those who oppose coercive behavior and bullying tactics which threaten regional peace and security,” Bolton said in a tweet.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told CNBC in an interview that he hopes that the trade negotiations between China and the US “move forward,” adding “and I hope that Hong Kong is resolved in a peaceful way.

Those would be the best outcomes for both China and the United States.” He stressed “the impact on Hong Kong, if this isn’t resolved in a way that is peaceful and in accordance with those agreements, I think will be significant.” “So we’re hopeful that this will be resolved in, a “humane” way, a way that reflects the right of these people to protest, and we hope that the Chinese will honor their commitment to Hong Kong.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency