Commerce Min: 2,040 brands requests received last month

KUWAIT, Kuwait Ministry of Commerce and Industry on Sunday announced that it has received 2,040 brand request applications online last November.

In a press statement, the ministry said that it had completed 905 transactions for registering a trademark, 807 for publishing a trademark, and three transactions for registering a trademark and issuing a certificate for it.

It noted that it completed 243 trademark renewal transactions and 345 visa applications by changing the title and name of the owner of the brand, transferring its ownership, striking out a registration and changing the name of the registration agent.

The ministry also pointed out that 607 transactions for publishing the renewal of brands were completed, in addition to receiving 15 appealing applications, adding that it obtained fees for all previous transactions by 249,003 Kuwaiti dinars (about USD 822,000).

Source: Kuwait News Agency