Corona deaths rose to 170, 7,736 infected

BEIJING: Chinese health authorities announced Thursday, that death toll of coronavirus rose to 170 while 7,736 other cases has been confirmed.

Chinese national health committee in their daily report said, 38 new dead case confirmed and more than 1,700 people showed positive results on Wednesday.

Hubei province witnessed 162 deaths and 4,584 confirmed cases, while ten others reported in Hong Kong, seven in Macao and eight in Taiwan.

Chinese authorities affirmed their work to fight the virus, curb it spread and provide health care to infected.

In a statement, after a meeting of the leading group of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Central Committee on prevention and control of the outbreak headed by Chinese premier Li Keqiang, the authorities said despite control efforts, corona continued to spread in some areas of China.

It described the situation as “dark and complicated”, stressing need to take all necessary measures to reduce the spread in the country, especially in Hubei Province and Wuhan.

Source: Kuwait News Agency