Coronavirus-caused deaths in US to surpass 115,000 by June 20

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) projected Thursday the coronavirus deaths in the US to reach over 115,000 by June 20.
The CDC forecast show a range of 115,000 to over 134,000 deaths before the end of June.
“This week’s national ensemble forecast indicates that the rate of increase in cumulative COVID-19 deaths is continuing to decline,” the CDC said.
It added “nevertheless, total COVID-19 deaths are likely to exceed 115,000 by June 20.” “As many communities are strategically reopening, it is important for everyone to work together to continue efforts to prevent community spread of COVID-19,” it stressed.
There are 1,721,926 confirmed coronavirus cases in US and at least 101,621 reported deaths.


Source: Kuwait News Agency