Cypriots vote for new president

ANKARA, Cypriot eligible voters started early on Sunday heading to the polls in the second and last round of elections for choosing the island country’s eighth president.

The official Cyprus News Agency (CNA), monitored here, said 550,876 Cypriots are eligible to cast ballots on and outside the island, with competition between the incumbent president Nicos Anastasiades and the independent hopeful, Satavros Malas.

In the first round of balloting, held last Sunday, Anastasiades won 35.5 percent of the votes and his contender took 30.3 percent.

The new president will serve until 2023.

Cyprus has been divided for more than 40 years, with half of the Mediterranean island populated by mainly Greek Cypriots and the other sector populated by Turkish Cypriots.

Turkey had militarily intervened in the island country, amid past upheavals.

Source: kuwait News Agency