Dar Suad Al-Sabah publishes book of 3rd, 4th Kuwait rulers’ eras

Dar Suad Al-Sabah for Publishing and Distribution published a new book on Kuwait during the reign of the third and fourth rulers (Kuwait in the reigns of Jaber bin Abdullah Al-Sabah and Sabah bin Jaber Al-Sabah).

In a statement on Sunday, Dar Suad Al-Sabah said Dr. Suad Al-Sabah, the author, published the book as a continuation of her historic project that has so far resulted in releasing several books namely (Mubarak Al-Sabah, Founder of the Modern State of Kuwait), (Saqr Al-Khaleej – the Gulf?’s Falcon – Abdullah Mubarak Al-Sabah), (Kuwait in the era of Abdullah bin Sabah Al-Sabah) and (Kuwait in the era of Mohammad bin Sabah Al-Sabah).

The author, in her newly released book, presents economic, social and political conditions of Kuwait and the Kuwaitis during the era of Sheikh Jaber bin Abdullah Al-Sabah, the third ruler of Kuwait, whose reign spanned from 1814 to 1859 and was known by “Jaber Al-Aish” and the reign of his son Sheikh Sabah bin Jaber, whose ruling extended from 1859 until 1866 when he passed away, it said.

The book included an introduction and six sections, the first topic (life biography), the second (economic conditions), the third (social conditions), the fourth (the evolution of Kuwait’s relations with Najd and Bahrain) the fifth (the development of relations with other regional powers) and the last (Kuwait and seeking a balance between the major powers).

Dar Suad Al-Sabah has indicated that it is necessary to refer to this book for anyone interested in studying Kuwaitis’ life in its various aspects during the two reigns of Sheikh Jaber bin Abdullah and Sabah bin Jaber.

Source: Kuwait News Agency