Deal of century will boost Jewish settlements – PM Netanyahu

GAZA, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday so-called deal of century was a “historic” chance to increase Jewish settlements.

Netanyahu, at a news conference, said he would increase Israeli sovereignty on parts of occupied West Bank, Jordan Valley and north of the Dead Sea following the general elections, due on September 17.

“There will not be any separation in any settlement” while he is in office, he said.

He said annexing the Jordan Valley would be the first thing he would do if he won the elections.

Other settlements will also be annexed soon after US President Donald Trump announces so-called deal of century, he said. “This is a historic opportunity to impose Israeli sovereignty on settlements in the West Bank,” he added.

Israel and the US will join hands for the annexation of many settlements in occupied West Bank, said Netanyahu.

He said the Israeli occupation army would be deployed in the Jordan Valley until “we conclude solid borders to make sure the West Bank does not turn into an area like Gaza Strip.” The Palestinian government has warned against Israeli attempts to annex territories in the occupied West Bank, saying Netanyahu was trying to win more votes.

Source: Kuwait News Agency