Deal reached between Syrian regime, opposition over Douma

AMMAN, Representatives of the Syrian regime and the opposition group “Jaish Al-Eslam” have reached a deal regarding the contested town of Douma, the last opposition stronghold in East Ghouta, located on outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus, the state-run Syrian Television announced on Sunday.

The television said the two sides agreed that the opposition group set free its prisoners, civilians and military personnel, in exchange for relocating all members of the group to Jarablus in the north in 48 hours.

Later, the official Syrian news agency, SANA, said the freshly-reached deal went into effect today, with dozens of buses entering Douma to board the first batch of prisoners that would be freed by Jaish Al-Islam, along with vanguards of the evacuaees; members of the opposition group and their families, for relocation to Jarablus in the north.

“The Syrian state has honored its obligation to free all the prisoners in Ghouta,” SANA said.

Source: Kuwait News Agency