Death of Al-Baghdadi great day for US, world – US officials

WASHINGTON, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Sunday that the death of leader of the Islamic State (IS) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi “is a great day for United States, the Global Coalition to Defeat (IS) and people all across the world who have suffered far too long from the cruelty of terrorism.” “While there is still work left to do to ensure (IS)’s enduring defeat, Baghdadi’s death follows the path of scores of other (IS) leaders that have been removed from the battlefield and can no longer commit heinous atrocities or spread their vile ideology of hatred to poison and recruit vulnerable minds,” Pompeo stressed in a statement.

He affirmed that “Baghdadi’s demise is further evidence, available for all to see, that the United States will not stop in the pursuit of bringing evil to justice and delivering on our promise to do everything in our power to keep America safe and to bring this scourge to its knees.” For his part, Vice President Mike Pence told CBS network “it’s a tribute to the courage of our armed forces, special forces that executed the raid on the compound last night, but it’s also a tribute to the decisiveness of President Donald Trump.” Pence indicated that “it was Saturday morning that we received the actionable intelligence that allowed the decision that the president had made to move forward to happen, and it was incredible to be in the Situation Room and to see this unfold in real time.” He noted that with the death of al-Baghdadi, “we believe we’ll have a measurable impact on the effectiveness of that terrorist organization, but we’re not going to let up. We’re not going to stop the fight.” Furthermore, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper told CNN “this is a great day for America, it’s a great day for the world.” “The president made a bold decision to launch this raid and our military service members and our interagency partners executed brilliantly,” he affirmed.

On ABC network, Esper stressed “the message is if you’re a leader in (IS), if you’re a leader of a terrorist group, we are going to go after you and we are going to hunt you relentlessly.” Also, National security adviser Robert O’Brien told NBC network the confirmed death of al-Baghdadi “was great news for us, great news for the American people, great news for everyone in the world.” He reiterated that the “Kurds played an important role in the operation, and we’re grateful.” For her part, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tweeted that the death of al-Baghdadi “is significant, but it does not mean the death of (IS),” saying that Trump “must present the American people with a clear strategy to confront IS.” Trump confirmed earlier the death of Al-Baghdadi in an operation conducted by US special operation forces in northwestern Syria.

Source: Kuwait News Agency