Dutch PM does not favour lockdown in his country

BRUSSELS Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte Monday ruled out imposing a total lockdown in the Netherlands and acknowledged that there is “no simple way out” of the Coronavirus crisis.

Imposing a lockdown “may seem attractive on the face of it, but experts point out that it wouldn’t be a matter of days or weeks. In that scenario, we would actually have to shut down our country for a year, or even longer, with all the consequences that follow,” he said in a televised address to the nation this evening.

He said Netherlands is adopting a strategy of “maximum control” to deal with the spread of coronavirus The aim, he said, is to try to spread the peak infection over a longer period, “while we build up immunity”.

Many people in the Netherlands will develop the virus in the coming period and the more people who are immune, the less the chance to spread it to the elderly and people with poor health, he said.

The last time a Dutch prime minister directly addressed the Netherlands on television was in the 1970s during the oil crisis, Dutch media noted.

Source: Kuwait News Agency