Egypt announces new oil discovery in Western Desert

CAIRO, Egyptian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tariq Al-Mulla announced Thursday a new oil discovery in the Western Deseret, 103 Kilometers north of Siwa Oasis. In a statement, the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum said the discovery comes after the Italian energy company (Eni) inspection tests at Faghour area, and through 5,100 meters in depth, with an initial production test rate of 2,300 barrels of crude oil per day, plus 400,000 cubic feet of associated gas in Western Desert.

The statement mentioned that the most important thing in this discovery is the success of testing new geological layers at more than 5,000 meters in depth.

In addition, the detection will motivate International companies to intensify researches in Western Desert using the same geological theories and to increase the competition between these companies in future.

Source: Kuwait News Agency