Egypt calls for Arab League emergency meeting on Turkey’s incursion in Syria

CAIRO, Egypt on Wednesday called for holding an Arab League emergency meeting to discuss Turkey’s military operation in the Syrian territories, and means of maintaining the Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity.

This came in a statement made by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry in which it condemned in the strongest terms the Turkish military operation in Syria.

The ministry confirmed that the international community should assume its responsibility to “confront this very dangerous development which threatens international peace and security”, the statement said.

The step constitutes a flagrant and an unacceptable aggression on the sovereignty of a sisterly Arab country, in exploitation of its conditions and the current developments, it noted.

The ministry pointed out that the Turkish move runs counter to the international law rules, it stated.

It stressed the necessity of preventing any endeavors aiming to occupy some Syrian territories or change its demographic structure in northern Syria.

The statement warned of “the consequences of the Turkish military operation on Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and the political process path in line with the UN Security Council resolution 2254.

Source: Kuwait News Agency