Egypt, Jordan, Palestine warn of dangerous repercussions on Israeli actions

CAIRO, Egypt, Jordan and Palestine warned on Thursday of dangerous repercussions resulting from the escalation in tensions and state of deadlock in regards to a peaceful settlement for the Middle East affair.

In a joint statement after their foreign ministers met, they urged the international community and influential nations to come up with a plan to enable effective collective efforts aimed at reviving the Arab-proposed two-state solution and ending the current tension.

They also expressed complete rejection of the Israeli actions carried out against the unarmed Palestinian people, and support of the Palestinians’ legitimate, moral and legal right to defend their occupied land.

They also defended Palestine’s right to form an independent state with a capital of East Jerusalem according to 1967 borders and relevant UN resolutions.

They rejected Israel’s attempts to alter the historic status quo of Jerusalem, urging the need to respect its sanctity and historic relevance as a city under occupation.

Source: Kuwait News Agency