EP backs new rules on funding for political parties

BRUSSELS, New rules to ensure that public funding for European political parties and foundations is used properly were approved by the European Parliament by 561 votes to 89 on Tuesday.

The EP backed a European Commission proposal that individuals should no longer be able to form a European party , only national parties can do so.

This is to prevent individual members of a national party from forming more than one European party in order to maximise their access to public funds without giving their parties a proper European dimension , noted an EP press release.

The revised regulation on funding will reduce the share that is currently allocated equally to all European parties from 15% to 10%. The remaining 90% is to be distributed in proportion to each party’s share of elected Members of European Parliament.

The EU Council of Ministers is expected to approve the new regulation on 26 April. The EP wants to have the new rules in force before the end of June this year, when the call for applications for funding in 2019 , European election year, is due to be published.

Source: Kuwait News Agency