EP committee: EU stands behind nuclear deal

BRUSSELS, The European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee Chair, David McAllister and EP Rapporteur on Iran, Knut Fleckenstein, in a joint statement tonight stressed that “The European Union stands united behind the Iran Nuclear Deal.

“We are committed to the full and effective implementation of the agreement and will make sure that the lifting of nuclear-related sanctions has a positive impact on trade and economic relations with Iran, including benefits for the Iranian people. We encourage every party to remain a fully committed partner in jointly implementing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

“Iran’s role in Lebanon, its ongoing support for the Assad regime in Syria, the grave internal human rights situation, the ballistic missiles programme and the repeated and totally unacceptable threats against Israel are deeply worrying. It is, however, in our common interest to tackle these issues in the relevant formats and fora outside the JCPOA”, they added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency