EP warns of foreign interference in European elections

BRUSSELS, Foreign electoral interference seriously threatens European democratic societies to the benefit of anti-EU, right-wing extremist and populist forces, the European Parliament has warned.

Attempts to influence decision-making in the EU put at risk European democratic societies, said the EP in a resolution adopted Thursday with 469 votes for, 143 against and 47 abstentions.

It points out that foreign interference has a systematic pattern, be it through campaigns on social media, cyber-attacks on infrastructure related to elections or financial support to political parties in the run-up to all major national and European elections.

The resolution points out to cases of the Front National in France, and allegations reported by media on the Freedom Party in Austria, Lega in Italy and Leave.eu in the UK.

The EP resolution voices deep concern about the “highly dangerous nature of Russian propaganda”, which is the main source of disinformation in Europe.

Source: Kuwait News Agency