EU calls for return to constitutional normality in Bolivia

BRUSSELS, The European Union Friday called for a return to constitutional normality so that the rule of law, democratic principles and civil rights are respected in Bolivia.

EU High Representative Federica Mogherini in a Declaration on behalf of the 28-member Union expressed support for “an institutional solution that allows for a caretaking interim leadership to prepare for new elections, and to avoid a power vacuum, which could have dire consequences for the entire country.

“The immediate objective of the transitional authorities should be to ensure peace and security in the country and bring it to swift elections, where the will of the people can be freely expressed,” she said.

Mogherini noted that recent events in Bolivia where irregularities in the elections led to popular protest that led to President Juan Evo Morales Ayma to leave power and finally to his resignation, “are putting in question the country’s stability and social peace,” she warned.

Source: Kuwait News Agency