EU calls on Syria regime to cease violence in northwest Syria

BRUSSELS, the European Union Sunday called on the Syrian regime and its allies to cease the escalation of violence in the northwest of Syria.

“All parties have the obligation to protect civilians. The regime and its allies must cease indiscriminate military attacks and respect international humanitarian law,” Virginie Battu-Henriksson, an EU spokesperson for foreign affairs and security policy, in a statement.

It noted that the latest offensive by the regime forces includes indiscriminate airstrikes on and shelling of civilians and escape routes.

It has already led to countless civilian deaths, injuries and the displacement of 80,000 people. This brings to close to 800,000 the number of people displaced since February of this year.

“Guaranteeing rapid, safe and unhindered humanitarian access including the cross-border modality is an utmost necessity. Three million civilians live in Idlib. They must be protected,” said the EU statement.

“The presence of UN-listed terrorist groups in Idlib is an issue of concern for all. Fighting these groups, as authorized by the UN, does not permit the undermining of international humanitarian law or the targeting of civilians,” it stated.

The statement added that working towards a political settlement between the regime and the opposition in accordance with UNSCR 2254 would remain the priority for the European Union.

Source: Kuwait News Agency