EU concerned over Iran’s announcement to reduce commitments to nuclear deal

BRUSSELS, The European Union Monday expressed concern after Iran announced earlier today that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will announce the 4th step of reducing the Iran deal, JCPOA, commitments within two days.

“We have been consistently expressing our concerns since we believe that the JCPOA (Iran nuclear deal) should be preserved,” EU spokesperson for foreign policy Maja Kocijancic told a news conference.

“We as the EU remain committed to the implementation of the JCPOA because it is a matter of respecting international agreement. It is a matter of our security,” she noted.

She said the EU continues to “urge Iran to be reverse such steps without delay and refrain from any measures that would undermine the nuclear deal.” The spokesperson added the EU’s commitment to the nuclear deal depends on Iran’s full compliance to the treaty by Iran.

Source: Kuwait News Agency